Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald with David Adam "The Eye Of The Eagle" DVD

Dave Bainbridge

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Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald with David Adam – The Eye Of The Eagle (DVD)

Beautifully filmed by Anglia TV and originally released on video in 1999, this DVD documents the sold-out premier performance in Norwich Cathedral of this significant work by Iona co-founders Dave Bainbridge and David Fitzgerald. Based on the book of the same name by popular Celtic writer/poet David Adam, the DVD includes insightful interviews with Fitzgerald, Bainbridge and Adam. Featuring footage not included on the original release, including the moving encore 'Open My Eyes', Dave and David are joined by narrator Canon Martin Shaw and a cast of superb guest musicians and singers, including the St. Edmundsbury Cathedral choir and organist.

“Bainbridge, Fitzgerald and Adam have created something majestic that stirred me and yet also moved me to tears. This is a significant work” – Cross Rhythms Magazine

“Beautiful authentic Celtic music, vocals and haunting Celtic sounds combine with poignant and powerful poems … I cannot recommend this highly enough” – Renewal Magazine


  1. Main Programme – Running time 49:22
  2. The Eye Of The Eagle
  3. Special Features – Running time 58:43
  4. Encore
  5. Interview: David Fitzgerald
  6. Interview: Dave Bainbridge
  7. Interview: David Adam

Format: DVD
Artist: Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald with David Adam
Release Date: 2005