Dave Bainbridge "Veil of Gossamer" CD

Dave Bainbridge

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Dave Bainbridge – Veil of Gossamer (CD)

“Airy, heavenly, emotional, rocky, spiritual; these are all words that can apply to the new solo album from Iona’s Dave Bainbridge …A work of much beauty … and one that will make those hairs stand on the back of your neck now and then … The ethereal meets the rocky perfectly as angel-like voices and the traditional link to explosions of electric guitar and percussion.” ~ Martin Hudson, Classic Rock Society Mag, May/June 2004

The long-awaited solo album by the Iona co-founder. Featured guests include Joanne Hogg, Mae McKenna, Rachael Jones, Troy Donockley, Frank Van Essen, Nick Beggs Etc.


  1. Chanting Waves
  2. Over The Waters
  3. Veil Of Gossamer
  4. The Seen And The Unseen
  5. The Everlasting Hills, Part 1-5
  6. Seahouses
  7. Until The Tide Turns
  8. The Homeward Race
  9. Star-Filled Skies, Part 1-4

Format: CD
Artist: Dave Bainbridge
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