Dave Luxton "Hidden Music" CD

Dave Luxton

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Dave Luxton - Hidden Music (CD)

The album Hidden Music, released on the independent Wayfarer Records label, is Dave Luxton’s first full-length Ambient instrumental album. The full-length album consists of twelve compositions. Dave has included the following information in the album’s liner notes:

“The title Hidden Music comes from the age-old idea that natural places and phenomena withhold an underlying order, energy, and beauty that can be perceived and subsequently experienced emotionally by the human observer. Although the musical treatments herein are generally inspired by the natural environment, others are inspired by various abstract concepts of human experience. Overall, my intent for this music is to facilitate a meditative process.

These instrumental compositions were written and recorded during the second half of 2007. Final production was completed in the first three months of 2008. I used some of the latest technology available to create the recordings. The use of high technology provides a nearly unlimited amount of creative possibilities, but at the same time, it can complicate the process and become a limiting factor. Ultimately, I opted for a minimalistic approach to composition and production. I use ambient drones, textures, and sounds that are harmonic and rarely atonal. The melodic structures originate from somewhere within the deeper realms of my consciousness.

As with any creative endeavor, the final product can evolve into something completely different than what was planned or artistically intended. That may very well be the case here. Regardless of my own artistic intent, I hope that you will experience these musical treatments of sound in whatever way is spontaneous and intuitive for you.”


  1. The Painted Desert
  2. Return To Crocket Cove
  3. Reflecting Pool
  4. The Forest And The Trees
  5. An Empty Space
  6. Standing On The Edge Of A Starlit Lake
  7. A Cirrus Sunset
  8. The Mysterious Courtyard
  9. Snakes In The Grass
  10. The Moon And The Sea
  11. Glacier
  12. Dream Upon A Distant Star

Format: CD
Artist: Dave Luxton
Release Date: April 4, 2008