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Dim Gray - Flown (CD)

The release of Dim Gray’s debut album was preceded by the four singles “Rath”, “Again”, “Light Anew” and “Ouroboros”. The album, titled Flown, is a concept album where the songs intertwine to form more than the sum of their parts, and in which the bands’ dedication to solid craftsmanship and desire to break new ground comes to light. Structured like one continuous story, the album tells a vivid tale of loss and loneliness that twists and turns. Quiet, intimate moments are contrasted by sections of massive soundscapes containing varied and colorful instrumentation. Rooted in the near-constants of aching vocals and trembling guitars, the album weaves its way from string-infused chamber pop through dark indie folk into grandiose art rock. Flown is an ambitious and distinct musical statement that evokes a blend of Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Susanne Sundfor, Steven Wilson and Sigur Ros.

“Elegiac and beautifully dense post-prog from Norway … Music caught between dreaming and waking, losing yourself somewhere in the sky” – Prog (UK)

“The dream debut that every band hopes for and that few bands are capable of” – IO Pages (NL)

“I cannot remember having heard a stronger debut album. Revelation of the year.” – NRK ProgLogg (NO)

“Masterpiece. Norwegian Album of the Year.” – Disharmoni (NO)

“A better debut could not have been hoped for. 10/10.” – Musipedia of Metal (UK)

“This may be the only album that you ever need for the rest of your life.” – Velvet Thunder (UK)


  1. Again
  2. The Wave We Thought We’d Ride Forever
  3. Closer
  4. Rath
  5. Wandering
  6. Flown
  7. Light Anew
  8. Yore
  9. Song For E
  10. Dreamer’s Disease
  11. Ouroboros
  12. Black Sun

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Again (Live)
  2. Song For E. (Live)
  3. Paper Bird (Extended Version)
  4. Ice and Sea

Format: CD
Artist: Dim Gray
Release Date: June 12, 2020