Don Schiff "Anthology" 3CD

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Don Schiff - Anthology (3CD)
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Don Schiff is well known for his skills on Bass, as well as the Chapman Stick and NS/Stick. He has toured and played with anyone and everyone from Elvis and Tina Turner to Pat Benatar. In prog circles, he is well known as a member of Rocket Scientist. He is, however, also a composer with three solo albums to his name. All are gathered here in one great package.


CD1: Timeless

  1. Timeless
  2. Rainfall
  3. Where Circles End
  4. Silence Speaks So Loud
  5. Maybe This Time
  6. UnSpoken Words
  7. Assassins Notebook
  8. Emmett’s Prelude
  9. Rise
  10. Timeless Reprise

CD2: Wait By The River

  1. Wait By The River
  2. Make It With You
  3. Letters In The Sand
  4. Louienstein
  5. Deep Within My Soul
  6. Wake Me Up (When My Life Begins)
  7. With Life In Hand
  8. Always Lovin’ You

CD3: Peering Over Clouds

  1. Peering Over Clouds
  2. Winds Of Fire, Winds Of Change
  3. Under The Olive Tree
  4. Secret World
  5. Inside The Color Of Dreams
  6. Tomorrow’s Magic
  7. Reflective View
  8. From Where The Past Began
  9. The Eighth Wonder
  10. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
  11. Talking In Tongues
  12. Between Sound And Silence
  13. Crossing The Lines Of Reason

Format: 3CD
Artist: Don Schiff
Release Date: 2023 (1999/2002/2005)
Cat. No.: PRE-0006