Downriver Dead Men Go "Ruins" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Downriver Dead Men Go - Departures (CD)
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    Downriver Dead Men Go is a cinematic post-rock band from Leiden, the Netherlands. This is their highly anticipated third album Ruins. The album is another musical step forward for the band, showing a heavier side of DDMG. The songs on Ruins have a wide dynamic range, from exploding guitars to a thin whisper, exploring the boundaries of various musical and filmic styles. Cinematic post-rock in the truest sense!

    The music of DDMG wraps you in a warm blanket of melancholia. Dark and brooding vocals, haunting, melodic guitars and imposing keyboard soundscapes, combined with low lighting and video projections, set the mood for an evening to remember.

    Have a look and a listen here:


    1. 1.     Ruins
    2. 2.     Secret
    3. 3.     Helpless
    4. 4.     Line In The Sand
    5. 5.     Cruel World
    6. 6.     The Lie

    Format: CD
    Artist: Downriver Dean Men Go
    Release Date:  November 24, 2022