Downriver Dead Men Go "Tides" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Downriver Dead Men Go - Tides (CD)
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Reissue of the debut album by Dutch post rockers Downriver Dead Men Go. The band leans toward the ambient side of the post rock genre. Their music is compared with bands like No-Man, No Sound and Leafblade.

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  1. 1.     The Dying Of The Light
  2. 2.     Walking Away
  3. 3.     Wake Up
  4. 4.     Never Change
  5. 5.     The Ghost Of Caitlin
  6. 6.     Tides
  7. 7.     Undertow
  8. 8.     Stone In My Heart

Format: CD
Artist: Downriver Dean Men Go
Release Date:  March 15, 2016