Eye 2 Eye "Nowhere Highway" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Eye 2 Eye - Nowhere Highway (CD)
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Eye 2 Eye is one of the leading members of contemporary French symphonic prog, following the path of groundbreaking bands like Mona Lisa, Atoll or Pulsar. Their bombastic compositions are often enriched by 1980s Neoprog riffing and Pink Floyd style psychedelia.

Eye 2 Eye was formed in 2003 by Didier Pegues (drums) and Phillipe Benabes (keyboards), who remained the only constant band members through a steady series of lineup changes. Four albums were released to date, the debut album "One in Every Crowd" in 2006 under the moniker "Eye To Eye", which had to change because a band with that name already existed in the United States. After a lengthy break, as usual between their releases, a new opus is ready to be presented to the audience and it has become a masterpiece!

This concept album develops the story which begun with "Ghosts - Part 1" on the previous record "The Light Bearer". The track told the story of a musician who lost his inspiration and tries to find it again inside bottles of Whisky. Glass after glass he sinks into a coma, that leads him to the “Nowhere Highway”. There, he is caught in an incessant fight between his old ghosts and his Muse, the positive and negative side of what drives an artist and inspires his creativity. Eye 2 Eye called for help from a good number of guests to tell the story, not least Jack Daly who was the singer on their second album "After All..." (2009).


  • Jack Daly – Vocals
  • Bruno Pegues – Guitars
  • Philippe Benabes – Keyboards
  • Etienne Damin – Bass, Guitars
  • Didier Pegues – Drums & Keyboard

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  1. Behind The Veilb(Ghosts – Part 2)
  2. The Hidden Muse (Ghosts – Part 3)
  3. The Choice (Ghosts – Part 4)
  • Strange Battlefield
  • A Light Appeared
  • Ghost’s Creepy Voice
  • The Fight
  • No Compromise
  • The Silent Shroud
  1. Moons Ago (Ghosts – Part 5
  2. Nowhere Highway (Ghosts – Part 6)
  • Princes Street
  • Emptiness
  • The Muse Caress
  • Wandering
  • The Holy Glow
  • Lost In Time
  • Virtual Sunset

Format: CD
Artist: Eye 2 Eye
Release Date: December 4, 2020