Eyesberg "Claustrophobia" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Eyesberg - Claustrophobia (CD)
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Following on from their debut album Blue and the critically-acclaimed second album Masquerade, Eyesberg present their concept album masterpiece Claustrophobia - the life and times of the artist Vincent van Gogh. The album charts the life of Van Gogh from a disturbed, unloved childhood and adolescence through to a troubled, angst-ridden adulthood, up to his resulting insanity and ultimate suicide.

The album once again features drummer Jimmy Keegan (Pattern Seeking Animals / ex-Spock’s Beard), who also produced and mixed it and, for the first time, the female backing vocals of Emma Edingloh. This is, without a doubt, Eyesberg's finest hour!


  • Georg Alfter – Guitar, Bass
  • Norbert Podien – Keyboards and additional Drum Programming
  • Malcolm Shuttleworth – Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Jimmy Keegan – Drums and Percussion
  • Emma Edingloh – Backing Vocals

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  1. Claustrophobia
  2. Strange Boy
  3. Walking In Storms
  4. Salamander Tree
  5. Sacrifice
  6. We Want You Out!
  7. Into The Asylum
  8. Final Ride

Format: CD
Artist: Eyesberg
Release Date: February 2021