FireMerchants "Landlords Of Atlantis" CD


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FireMerchants – Landlords Of Atlantis (CD)

This is the incredible follow up to their debut album. Chester Thompson had left and was replaced by Toss Panos, another Los Angeles session musician. During Panos’ time playing with FireMerchants, he went onto audition for Kevin Gilbert’s Toy Matinee and brought along a tape of him playing with FireMerchants. This led to Kevin Gilbert producing this second album by the FireMerchants, Landlords Of Atlantis.


  1. Landlords Of Atlantis
  2. Worlds In Modulation
  3. 9 28 91
  4. Healing Dream
  5. Sybil
  6. Lifetimes
  7. Flamekeeper
  8. (And Again) Hamsterdam
  9. Thing 15
  10. The Last Future

Format: CD
Artist: FireMerchants
Release Date: 1996
Cat. No.: HST263CD