Force of Progress "Redesign" CD

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Force Of Progress - Redesign (CD)
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It took Hanspeter Hess (The Healing Road), Chris Grundmann (Cynity) and Markus Roth (Marquette, Horizontal Ascension) a.k.a. Force of Progress only 4 years and 2 albums to establish themselves as cream of the crop of German "Technical Oriented Instrumental Prog". Since fun at work often transforms into productivity, they already finished another collection of technical complex, yet melodic songs, assembled in the new album Redesign. Beside Dennis Degen and Sebastian Schleicher, who took over drums, bass and guitars respectively, FOP engaged a whole array of guest guitarists to provide solos on each of the five album tracks, resulting in a highly entertaining "competition" of high-end musicians. LTE3 may feature more notes, but in terms of catchy tunes, Redesign rivals the very best in this section of progressive rock.

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  1. Ultra Conservation (5:52)
  2. Viral Signs I – Ambassador Of Light (10:29)
  3. Next (7:07)
  4. Viral Signs II – Incident 3030 (16:03)
  5. Lady Lake (4:33)
  6. Redesign (6:18)

Format: CD
Artist: Force of Progress
Release Date: 2021