Franck Carducci "Tearing The Tour Apart" CD

Franck Carducci

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Franck Carducci – Tearing The Tour Apart (CD)

This live album shows the band at their dynamic best, with songs from their first two albums. Franck Carducci and his band are known as a great live act, “not to be missed” according to one of our Band Wagoneers, and this show gives a feel for what we have been missing here in the North America.


  1. Torn Apart
  2. Closer To Irreversible
  3. Artificial Paradises
  4. Mr Hyde & Dr Jekyll
  5. Artificial Love
  6. Achilles
  7. A Brief Tale Of Time
  8. The Last Oddity
  9. Alice’s Eerie Dream

Format: CD
Artist: Franck Carducci
Release Date: December 2, 2016