Full Moon Fire "The Beautiful Disasterpiece that is the Human Condition" CD

Full Moon Fire

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Full Moon Fire is the pre-The Cyberiam project by two of its members, lifelong friends, Brian Kovacs and Tommy Murray. 

Brian Kovacs – Vocals, All instruments except
Tommy Murray – Drums


  1. Late Night
  2. Strong City
  3. The Good Man
  4. W.A.A.
  5. Reward
  6. Claustrophobia
  7. Shelve Our Dreams
  8. Rub You the Wrong Way
  9. B/W
  10. Self Medicated Behavior
  11. In-Between
  12. Release
  13. How Did We Get Here
  14. Truth
  15. Where Are You
  16. You’re Dead To Me

Format: CD
Artist: Full Moon Fire
Release Date: 1.20.2012
Cat. No.: n.a.