Galahad "A Curious Companion, Demos & Cuts From Empires" (CD)


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Galahad – A Curious Companion, Demos & Cuts From Empires (CD)

This CD contains various demo recordings of ideas from the Empires Never Last writing sessions. Some of these will be recognizable. Others are not as they were never finalized for inclusion on the album but give an interesting insight into what Galahad experimented with, musically, at the time!


  1. Empires Never Last – Part Two (Demo)
  2. Sidewinder (Abridged Demo)
  3. Spineless (Demo)
  4. Termination (Instrumental Demo)
  5. This Is Where I Come From (Mellotron Showcase)
  6. Wagging Tongues (Selected Moments Of Madness)
  7. Empires Never Last (Piano/Mellotron/Vocal Demo)


      Format: CD
      Artist: Galahad
      Release Date: Original 2007, Re-issue 2016