Galahad Acoustic Quintet "Not All There" CD


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Galahad Acoustic Quintet – Not All There (CD)

Mainly acoustic and slightly experimental, this Galahad spin off project from 1994, features Stu, Spence, Roy, and Neil plus ex-Galahad keyboard player Mark Andrews and Sarah Bolter on flute, clarinet and saxophone. This album was recorded live in the studio with several tracks being improvised. The result being a far more mellow, folkish album than the normal Galahad output.


  1. Sir Galahad (Scene One)
  2. Mother Mercy
  3. Club 18-30
  4. Dreaming From The Inside
  5. Melt
  6. White Lily
  7. Through The Looking Glass
  8. Looking Up At The Apple Trees
  9. Shrine
  10. Legless In Gaza
  11. Iceberg
  12. Where There’s All Of Nothing
  13. Sir Galahad (Scene Two)

        Format: CD
        Artist: Galahad Acoustic Quintet
        Release Date: January 1995