Galahad "Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria" CD


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Galahad – Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria" (CD)

Here is the second new Galahad studio album of 2012. Once again, it is expertly recorded and mixed by Karl Groom at Thin Ice. This one shows a similar diverse range of styles and influences to those on Battle Scars, and some Euphoria comes wrapped in a clear, pristine, often widescreen production punctuated by occasional passages of quiet beauty and delicate sensitivity.

The vibrant and colorful cover art is taken from 'Harmony', a portrait painted by up-and-coming young British artist Emma Grzonkowski.


  1. Salvation I – Overture
  2. Salvation II – Judgement Day?
  3. Guardian Angel
  4. Secret Kingdoms…
  5. …And Secret Worlds
  6. All In The Name Of Progress
  7. Guardian Angel (Reprise)
  8. Richelieu’s Prayer 2012 (Bonus Track)

      Format: CD
      Artist: Galahad
      Release Date: October 2012