Galahad "Sleepers" 2LP Black


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Galahad – Sleepers (2 LP Black)

This release is a limited edition, double black vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

In September 1995, Galahad released Sleepers, their ‘very difficult’ third album. The album was recorded, engineered and mixed by Tony Arnold, a cohort of Robert Fripp/King Crimson at that time. Therein was the difficulty. Tony was recommended to the band in 1990 because of his work with Robert. However, unbeknownst to Galahad and because of Tony’s commitments to other projects, the whole Sleepers project became an extremely long and arduous journey culminating in Wild West style stand off when the final ‘tranche’ of money was exchanged for the album master and master tapes in Spring 1995!

The album took over four years to come to fruition, which crippled much of the band’s momentum following their BBC Radio One Rock War win and release of Nothing Is Written in 1991. It also caused considerable stress amongst the members (and their respective partners) and became the band’s most expensive album to date, compounded by the fact that the band had no record deal and were totally self-funded. Funds were borrowed from family and friends to pay for the ongoing recording sessions.

However, Galahad remained bloody minded and resolute and, despite all the problems associated with the album’s gestation, it was released and all loans were repaid in. Rob Ayling, head honcho at Voiceprint Records, helped the band massively by organising pressing and distribution resulting in Galahad achieving their best-selling album to that point, one which still sells consistently to this day.

Fast forward to 2020, Galahad still very much alive and kicking, along with their friends at Oskar have released Sleepers on vinyl for the very first time as a double gatefold LP, incorporating several extra tracks.


Side A:

  1. Sleepers
  2. Julie Anne

Side B:

  1. Live And Learn
  2. Dentist Song
  3. Pictures Of Bliss
  4. Before, After And Beyond

Side C:

  1. Exorcising Demons
  2. Middleground
  3. Suffering In Silence

Side D:

  1. Amaranth
  2. Pictures Of Bliss (Alternative Version)
  3. Exorcising Demons (2015 Version)

Format: Double Black Vinyl
Artist: Galahad
Release Date: 1995/2020