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Gandalf's Fist

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Gandalf’s Fist – (Re)Master and the Monkey (CD)

Medieval space rock wizards, Gandalf’s Fist, celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their debut album with a special edition re-imagining of the entire record, entitled The (Re)Master And The Monkey. Awash with swashbuckling acoustics, crunching riffs and soaring synths, what is surely one of the most bizarre and psychedelically allegorical concept albums in living memory has been completely re-worked and re-recorded from the ground up and features brand new narrative elements that bring the release firmly in line with their “Clockwork” Saga, which received such critical acclaim as:

  • “A mesmerizing musical masterpiece epic in scope and utterly breathtaking in its delivery” – Prog Radar
  • “You must get this … a career-defining, magical epic” – Prog Magazine
  • “Reduces Rick Wakeman’s King Arthur to the level of Chas & Dave Cockney knees-up” – Classic Rock Magazine
  • “One of those concepts that will be talked about for many generations to come… 5/5” – Power of Prog

In what is surely one of the most unusual concepts in recent times, the album recounts the tale of a legless, odious frog named Pierre Du Gateau, who, after summoning a quantum-bat from the 10th dimension, rides around on a monkey’s head in a desperate bid to become ruler of the world. The fantastical and allegorical tale is presented in a brand-new interpretation of their album which, given the fact the original was largely regarded as an experimental demo and was never physically released, can be truly heralded as a brand-spanking new album from the Fist.

The songs on the album range from bombastic orchestral meanderings, folky shanties, heavy metal riffing and even acoustic samba – often within the confines of a single song! Moreover, unlike the previous special editions of their albums (Road To Darkness and A Day In The Life Of A Universal Wanderer), The (Re)Master and The Monkey is a full-band effort, drawing on their expanded lineup breathing even further life into a damn fine album that has patiently sat dormant for 10 long years!


  • Dean Marsh – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths, Mandolin
  • Stefan Hepe – Drums and Percussion
  • Luke Severn – Additional Vocals
  • Chris Ewen – Bargain Snack Procurement
  • Keri Farish – Female Vocals on “The Siren’s Kiss”
  • Ben Bell – Keys and Backing Vocals on “Maurice The Bat” and “The Master And The Monkey (Parts 1&2)

Additional Musicians:

  • Faliq Auri – Uilleann Pipes and Whistles on “Stakes At Low Tide”
  • Alicia Marsh – Narration


  1. A Fool’s Folly
  2. The Master And The Monkey (Part 1)
  3. Seaworm
  4. Stakes At Low Tide
  5. Momentous Days
  6. The Siren’s Kiss
  7. Creatures Great, Creatures Small
  8. Maurice The Bat
  9. The Wandering Rocks
  10. The Life And Crimes Of Pierre Du Gateau
  11. Croak Of Truth
  12. Dance Of Umbra
  13. A Trick Of The Tongue
  14. Xavier The Troll
  15. All That Glisters …
  16. The Master And The Monkey (Part 2)

Format: CD
Artist: Gandalf's Fist
Release Date: 2011/January 21, 2021