I Spy "While the War Began" 2CD (NEW ARTIST)

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I Spy – While the War Began (2CD)
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In an era where most things are fleeting and today's heroes are forgotten tomorrow, I Spy is releasing a new double album 'While the War Began'. For the better part of the past 7 years, I Spy chipped away at this monumental task. Inspired by prog-rock royalty, the likes of Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull, I Spy found an original voice, tutored by the past, eager for what lies ahead, but strongly rooted in the present. Quirky and autobiographical through text and music, I Spy doesn't just follow the mainstream pack. Since the early days, I Spy consisted of Peter Duinkerken, Harry Poelman, Erik Westerhof and Aernout Steegstra. In the new millennium, they were joined by drummer Joost van Soest, a relative youngster among these seasoned veterans of prog.

Have a gander here:


  1. 1.      Unforgotten
  2. 2.      In Sight Of The Sun
  3. 3.      Edge Of The World
  4. 4.      Scars
  5. 5.      Intensive Care


  1. 6.      The Blue Lab
  2. 7.      Superstitious
  3. 8.      Nightingale
  4. 9.      Fearless
  5. 10.  Dream Child
  6. 11.  This


  1. 12.  Robotnik
  2. 13.  While The War Began
  3. 14.  Wiper
  4. 15.  Terminal One


  1. 16.  Cyclops
  2. 17.  Circe’s Meadow
  3. 18.  Heaven’s Gate
  4. 19.  Penelope
  5. 20.  The End So Far

Format: 2CD
Artist: I Spy
Release Date: September 22, 2023