Edison's Children "Somewhere Between Here and There" CD

Edison's Children

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The 3rd album from Edison’s Children

These are not your typical dark and haunting Edison's Children tracks. In fact, they have been unable to find a home on any of the other albums, past or future. This album was intended to be a bridge between “The Final Breath Before November” and what would eventually become “The Disturbance Fields”. The latter album just took a bit longer than expected.

Pete Trewavas – Bass, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming, FX, Strings
Eric Blackwood – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming, FX
Henry Rogers - Drums

1. Light Years (John Mitchell Single Edit)
2. Stranger in a Foreign Land
3. Ever Be Friends
4. Solstice
5. Growing Down in Brooklyn
6. Someone Took my Heart Away
7. A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had a Time Machine) Live at Wolves UK
8. Seventh Sign (Jakko Mix)
9. The Longing (Mike Hunter Orchestral Mix)
10. Sinners Minus
11. Light Years (Jakko Mix)
12. The Fading (Jakko Mix)
13. The Darkness
14. Where Were You? (Jakko “Whisper Ending Mix”)
15. The Second Coming of The Morphlux (John Mitchell Mix)


Format: CD
Artist: Edison’s Children
Release Date: August 1, 2015
Cat. No.: RDR-EC05