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Rick Armstrong

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Rick Armstrong - Infinite Corridors (CD)

This is Rick Armstrong's debut release, his first solo album of ambient, electronic, and progressive music, entitled Infinite Corridors, on Random Disturbance Records.

Rick’s musical pedigree may be known to some in the world of progressive rock. He plays both guitar and bass alongside Pete Trewavas (Marillion-Transatlantic-Kino) in Edison’s Children. He also played bass with Steve Rothery (Marillion-The Steve Rothery Band) & Friends for shows at the La Silla Observatory, Paranal Observatory and Teatro Oriente in Chile. As the eldest son of astronaut Neil Armstrong, Rick’s personal pedigree should be well known to the world.

Infinite Corridors features guest appearances by some of the best-known names in progressive rock today. Besides Steve Rothery, there are contributions from Dave Foster (Dave Foster Band-Mr. So&So-Panic Room-Steve Rothery Band-Big Big Train), Tony Levin (King Crimson-Peter Gabriel-Stick Men-Liquid Tension Experiment), and John Mitchell (Lonely Robot-Frost*-Arena-Kino).

In speaking about the release, Armstrong says “I’ve loved electronic music since the mid-70s, having been particularly influenced by artists like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Eddie Jobson. I took an electronic music composition class at the Music School all through college and have always wanted to get back to doing that. The unexpected free time I found myself having in 2020 allowed me to explore creating this kind of music again."


    Track List:

    1. Hypernova: 06:25
    2. Infinite Corridors: 06:03
    3. Subduction Zone: 04:18
    4. The Lost Sea: 05:47
    5. Chaos Theory: 08:01
    6. Sunstorm: 05:50
    7. Timespiral: 04:05
    8. Among the Ruins (with Dave Foster & Tony Levin): 06:37
    9. Shifting Sands (with Steve Rothery, Dave Foster & John Mitchell): 11:38
        1. Day
        2. Night


    Format: CD
    Artist: Rick Armstrong
    Release Date: April 2, 2021
    Cat. No.: RDR-RA01