Iona "Beyond These Shores" 2CD

Dave Bainbridge

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Iona – Beyond These Shores (2CD)

"Their music seems to draw from the collective memories of an entire race of people - "Beyond These Shores" is all that and more. It is a modern day masterpiece." Billboard (USA)

"If you like seriously melodic, emotional, powerful music then you must have this album ... simply stunning" Wondrous Stories

"... very much for lovers of good high quality music that doesn't pander to fashion..." Feedback Magazine

"A rock band full of imagination ... a band which is continuing to grow day by day." Marquee Magazine (Japan)



  1. Prayer On The Mountain
  2. Treasure
  3. Brendan’s Voyage (Navigatio)
  4. Edge Of The World
  5. Today
  6. View Of The Islands
  7. Bird Of Heaven
  8. Murlough Bay
  9. Burning Like Fire
  10. Adrift
  11. Beachy Head
  12. Machrie Moor
  13. Healing
  14. Brendan’s Return
  15. Beyond These Shores

CD2: The Companion Album

  1. Prayer On The Mountain (original demo)
  2. Treasure #1 (demo)
  3. Treasure #2 (rehearsal)
  4. Prayer On The Mountain/Brendan’s Voyage (demo)
  5. Brendan’s Voyage (demo)
  6. Edge Of The World (rehearsal)
  7. Today (demo)
  8. View Of The Islands #1 (demo)
  9. View Of The Islands #2 (demo)
  10. Bird Of Heaven #1 (demo)
  11. Bird Of Heaven #2 (unreleased demo)
  12. Bird Of Heaven #3 (demo)
  13. Bird Of Heaven #4 (demo)
  14. Bird Of Heaven (2007 Remix)
  15. Machrie Moor (solo harp mix)
  16. Healing #1 (studio mix)
  17. Healing #2 (rehearsal)
  18. Burning Like Fire (rehearsal)
  19. Adrift (original demo)
  20. Beachy Head (rehearsal)
  21. Murlough Bay (original demo)
  22. Brendan’s Return (original demo)
  23. We Journey On (unreleased demo)

Format: 2CD
Artist: Iona
Release Date: 2020
Cat. No.: OPENVP14CD