Iona "Iona" 2CD

Dave Bainbridge

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Iona – Iona (2CD)

“A simply stunning musical trio Iona, with a quite brilliant recording of the same name…Iona have a sound all their own, but there are distinct celtic influences along with classical, rock and jazz.” - 21CC Magazine August 1990

“Richly evocative music which, with its crafty synthesis of the Gaelic and the symphonic, jazz-rock fusion and ethnic folk influences, make for an album brimming over with superb musicianship.” - Cross Rhythms Magazine, Aug/Sept 1990

"Iona has created some of the most dramatically different music on today's music scene ... elements of classical rock mixed with modern ethnic experimentations ... such as Clannad and Peter Gabriel." - White Throne Magazine (USA), 1991

"The music on Iona's debut album is as refreshing as the moors of their namesake Scottish isle." - CCM Magazine (USA), 1991.

The stunning debut album of a truly unique band that immediately caught the imagination and touched the soul of those that heard them. Producer Dave Bainbridge revisited the original master tapes for this enhanced version, re-working and remixing 7 of the tracks to stunning effect.



Disc 1: The 2002 Remixed Album

  1. Turning Tide
  2. Flight Of The Wild Goose
  3. The Island
  4. White Sands
  5. Dancing On The Wall
  6. A Machair
  7. Vision Of Naran
  8. Beijing
  9. Iona
  10. Trilogy
  11. Here I Stand
  12. Columcille

Disc 2: The Companion Album

  1. Turning Tide (Remastered)
  2. Flight Of The Wild Goose #1(Original Demo)
  3. Flight Of The Wild Goose #2 (Remastered)
  4. The Island #1 (Original Demo)
  5. The Island #2 (Remastered)
  6. White Sands (Original Demo)
  7. Dancing On The Wall #1 (Original Demo)
  8. Dancing On The Wall #2 (Remastered)
  9. A Machair (Remastered)
  10. Vision Of Naran #1 (Original Demo)
  11. Vision Of Naran #2 (Remastered)
  12. Beijing #1 (Original Demo)
  13. Beijing #2 (2003 Remix)
  14. Iona #1 (Original Demo)
  15. Iona #2 (Remastered)
  16. Trilogy (Original Demo)
  17. Here I Stand (Piano Version)
  18. Columcille (Electric Guitar Version)
  19. Looking From Mull (Unreleased Demo)


Format: 2CD
Artist: Iona
Release Date: 1990
Cat. No.: OPENVP12CD