Iona "The Best of Iona: Limited Edition US Tour 2010" CD

Dave Bainbridge

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Iona – The Best Of Iona: Limited Edition US Tour 2010 (CD)

This best of compilation was created for Iona’s tour of the US in 2010. It contains some of the bands best and most well-known songs, a great compilation to grab if you are not familiar with the band and if you are a great CD to play on those days where you want to hear those great songs from multiple albums from this amazing bands catalogue. What I am saying is, you can’t go wrong with this CD. 


  1. The Island (re-mixed box set version)
  2. Today
  3. Edge Of The World
  4. Heaven’s Bright Sun
  5. Divine Presence
  6. Hinba
  7. A Million Stars
  8. Revelation (Woven Cord Version)
  9. Chi-Rho
  10. Jigs
  11. Matthew The Man
  12. Iona (re-mixed box set version)


Format: CD
Artist: Iona
Release Date: