Jacob Moon "20 Years: The Best of Jacob Moon" LP

Jacob Moon

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Jacob Moon – 20 Years: The Best of Jacob Moon (LP)

Canadian folk singer/songwriter Jacob Moon gained noratiety in the prog community for his rendition of Rush’s “Subdivisions”, to great praise from the band members themselves. He has also opened for Marillion’s Montreal Weekend and their subsequent UK Tour, gathering many fans along the way.

Moon can be hard to pigeonhole, his influences are far and wide, with songwriting heroes include Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Peter Gabriel and Ron Sexsmith. His musical influences also come from Yes, Rush, and Marillion. His own style goes way beyond those roots.

This collection is comprised of songs from the first 20 years of Jacob Moon’s career and is a great place to start for those not familiar with his work. It is also a great playlist for those who have been following him for years. Don’t hesitate. This is a great collection of songs for those days where you just want to sit back, relax, and see where the music takes you.

Side 1:

  1. Live A Little
  2. Sara
  3. Magnolia
  4. Just Like You
  5. Great Beyond

Side 2:

  1. Is That All You Got
  2. Leaving
  3. Chelseaville
  4. Revelation
  5. Subdivisions

Format: LP
Artist: Jacob Moon
Release Date: 2015