Jacob Moon "Under A Setting Sun" CD

Jacob Moon

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Jacob Moon – Under A Setting Sun (CD)

Jacob Moon is back with a new set of songs that long to be played and heard. Another great album from this very talented Canadian singer/songwriter.

In Jacob’s own words, it was a journey to get here.

“I was ready to quit music. It was June 2021, and if it wasn't the end, I felt like you could see it pretty clearly from here.

It felt like I was slowly disappearing, what with the low-level depression and isolation of the pandemic and the confusing algorithms of social media (I'm talking to you, Facebook).  I had been planning to embark on a new album of original music, but it scared me to death, thinking about investing thousands of dollars into something that might just get lost in the noise of a music-saturated world.

But, as I played the new songs on my regular livestream show, I felt the music advocating for itself. It was like the songs themselves were giving me a pep talk..."You can do it, man! The world needs these songs. And going back into the studio with amazing musicians will kickstart your creative heart!".

So, I committed to record for a week at the end of July in Winnipeg with producer Murray Pulver. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into when I boarded the plane, but even as I sat on that cramped WestJet flight surrounded by noise and activity, I felt the Spirit coaching me to stay open, and look into my heart for any new song ideas. 

By the time I landed, I had completed a new song, called 'A Little More Time'. It's one of my best songs yet. At that moment, it dawned on me that these songs were begging me not to give up, but to persevere, but not just for the sake of the songs I had today... They were pleading on behalf of the songs I would write tomorrow.”


  1. Live A Little
  2. Tennessee
  3. Miles to Go
  4. Song That Won’t Leave You Alone
  5. A Little More Time
  6. Under A Setting Sun

Format: CD
Artist: Jacob Moon
Release Date: March 2022