Jason Blake "Fictional Mirrors" CD

Jason Blake

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Jason Blake – Fictional Mirrors (CD)

After signing with ambient label Wayfarer Records, Blake set out to create something that combined the two worlds of progressive rock and ambient music. The result was Fictional Mirrors, part one of what would become his Ternary Instinct Trilogy (The Compromise Rationale released the following year is part two). This album represents the superego in Freudian psychoanalytic theory as it takes on its musical persona. Warr guitar is the only instrument featured.


  1. Shortcomings In Opposition
  2. The Criterium Of Guilt
  3. Fictional Mirrors
  4. A Disposition Of Virtue
  5. Ethos Of The Swarm
  6. Antecedents And Consequences

Format: CD
Artist: Jason Blake
Release Date: June 25, 2021