Jason Blake "Radiant Dusk & Slightly Different Paths" 2CD

Jason Blake

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Jason Blake – Radiant Dusk & Slightly Different Paths (2CD)

The material on Radiant Dusk was written and recorded around the same time as Blake’s most recent progressive rock release, Subsequent Ruins. He reveals, “I was writing a lot of material for Subsequent Ruins, but some of it just didn’t seem to fit that album. I decided to record these new songs anyway which became the basis for Radiant Dusk. Once I was completely done with Subsequent Ruins, I turned my attention to writing more material and completing this album. I felt like some of the material would sound good with drums, so we experimented with this idea which eventually became the companion album, Slightly Different Paths.”

Blake used his semi-hollow Artisan Warr guitar on these recordings to give them an “acoustic” sound. The ten-song Radiant Dusk and its six-song companion Slightly Different Paths – which sees Blake joined by drummer Amery Schmeisser – were recorded, mixed, and mastered in Chicago at Gravel Road Recording by Schmeisser. Longtime collaborator Hajo Mueller (Steven Wilson, Mariusz Duda) completed the beautiful artwork for both releases.

Blake writes, “Since some of the songs on this album are a departure from my typical sound, I wanted to open with something that was reminiscent of what I am known for. ‘An Aversion To Fervor’ has elements of progressive rock while also introducing the stripped-down acoustic vibe of this album.”


CD1: Radiant Dusk

  1. An Aversion To Fervor
  2. Without A Murmur
  3. Misplaced Moments
  4. Radiant Dusk
  5. A Perverse Rumination
  6. What May Ensue
  7. Trivial Colloquy
  8. Seemingly Quixotic
  9. An Errant Pawn
  10. At Last Resolve

CD2: Slightly Different Paths

  1. Slightly Different Paths
  2. Without A Murmur
  3. An Errant Pawn
  4. Radiant Dusk
  5. An Aversion To Fervor
  6. Trivial Colloquy

Format: 2CD
Artist: Jason Blake
Release Date: November 17, 2023