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John Holden

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John Holden – Capture Light (CD)

The debut album from multi-instrumentalist John Holden received high praise upon its release. On the album, John invited many of his friends to join him and together they have created a modern day melodic master piece.

“Well produced. Lovely musicianship and vocals.” – Steve Hackett

“A release that could very well be a highlight of the year already” – Progradar

“This remarkable debut album is definitely worth exploring” – The Progressive Aspect

“An album of innate melodic loveliness” – Progarchy

“Truly a wondrous experience. I’m seriously impressed” – The Prog Mind



John Holden – Multi Instrumentalist


Guest Musicians:

  • Billy Sherwood
  • Oliver Wakeman
  • Joe Payne
  • Oliver Day
  • Emily Dolan Davies
  • Peter Jones
  • Max Read
  • Marc Atkinson
  • Julie Gater
  • Gary O’Toole
  • Jean Pageau


  1. Tears from the Sun
  2. Crimson Sky
  3. Capture Light
  4. Ancient of Days
  5. One Race
  6. Dreamcatching
  7. No Man’s Land
  8. Seaglass Hearts

Format: CD
Artist: John Holden
Release Date: 2018
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