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John Holden

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John Holden – Rise and Fall (CD)

2018’s Capture Light was English musician/songwriter, John Holden’s debut release. Two years later, it has been great to listen to the follow up, ‘Rise and Fall’, a combination of John’s music with lyrics by his wife Elizabeth and himself. In a similar manner to, say, Big Big Train, each track is based on a historic event and the accompanying booklet, not only has an individual image for each track, but also the “background story/myth”. The listener can immerse themselves in the narrative and the music. Similar to a movie director, Holden casts his vignettes with the players suitable for each aspect, complimenting his own multi-instrumental contributions. International names, such as Nick D’Virgilio (drums), Yes’s Billy Sherwood (bass), and Mystery’s Jean Pageau and Michel St-Pete join the “best of British” cast members which include Oliver Wakeman, Peter Jones, That Joe Payne, Simon Fitzpatrick (bass), Oliver Day (guitar), Sally Minnear and many more. This is NOT a collection of “guest spots” dressed up as an album, and each contributor colours, rather than dominates, the canvas.

This is a really enjoyable and very well-crafted album, recommended to fans of bands such as Big Big Train, Mystery and Yes to check out. John Holden has produced another labour of love, with well-crafted songs and concepts, and an all-star cast.

"A remarkable and uplifting album. May well be one of THE albums of 2020” – The Progressive Aspect

“An entrancing and enchanting musical journey of magnificent proportions” – Progradar

“One of the most interesting prog rock artists of our day” – La Gazetta dello Spettacolo

“Beautiful pastoral prog from a stellar cast” – iO Pages

“You won’t be able to stop playing this from start to finish, and then again!” – All Things Rock and Prog

“A stunning album. Highly recommended” – Progzilla Radio


John Holden – Multi Instrumentalist

Guest Musicians:

  • Jon Camp
  • Zaid Crowe
  • Oliver Day
  • Nick D’Virgilio
  • Simon Fitzpatrick
  • Peter Jones
  • Sally Minnear
  • Lauren Nolan
  • Jean Pageau
  • That Joe Payne
  • Vikram Shankar
  • Michel St-Pere
  • Billy Sherwood
  • Oliver Wakeman


  • Leap of Faith
  • Rise and Fall
  • The Golden Thread
  • Dark Arts
  • Heretic
  • After the Storm
  • Ancestors and Satellites

Format: CD
Artist: John Holden
Release Date: February 29, 2020
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