Knekklectric "For Mange Melodia" CD

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Knekklectric - For Mange Melodia (CD)
This is an Apollon Records release.

Knekklectric has received much praise after releasing their second album in the winter of 2017. For Mange Melodia, meaning “too many melodies”, is stuffed with just that - complex instrumental parts, original writing and structure, and vocal melodies that stick to the brain. 

"It sounds fucking awesome", the Bergen-based magazine STOFF wrote in their review when the record got released by Tik Records and Apollon Records. 

Knekklectric play clever progressive rock with devious lyrics sung in the Ålesund dialect. Although the songs are sung in Norwegian, Knekklectric has gained interest at radio stations and prog magazines all over Europe and America. 

"This album is an accomplished engagement, appealing to all who enjoy top-notch musicianship, and just might convince a few prog heads to include it in their ‘best of’ lists for 2017. For Mange Melodia deserves to rocket to the top of this years’ releases." The Progressive Aspect 

“If you’re looking for sunshiny psychedelic rock with progressive leanings, For Mange Melodia provides 30 wonderful minutes to indulge your senses.” Exposè Magazine 

"Technical gifted young men with a rare melodic richness" 5/6 Deichmanske musikkblog 

"Progressive joy of pop: An album full of good ideas" 5/6 Bergens Tidende  


  1. Vi E Mindre
  2. Hanska Pa
  3. Prokrastinera Igjen
  4. Stolpekontroll
  5. Vestkyst
  6. Ski No

Format: CD
Artist: Knekklectric
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Cat. No.: TIKAPCD002