Kristoffer Gildenlow "The Rain" CD (NEW ARTIST)

Kristoffer Gildenlow

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Kristoffer Gildenlow – The Rain (CD)

The Rain is Kristoffer Gildenlow's second solo album and is described as “a concept album that examines the life of a man in later stages of dementia who struggles with his own reality, perceived through the metaphor of rain and clouds.”

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  1. After The Rain, pt II
  2. Holding On, pt I
  3. Seeking The Sun, pt I
  4. Seeking The Sun, pt II
  5. Worthy
  6. Holding On, pt II
  7. See It All
  8. Peripheral Memory
  9. Breathe In, Breathe Out
  10. In The Evening
  11. It Was Me
  12. Drizzle
  13. She
  14. All For You
  15. The Funeral, pt I
  16. The Funeral, pt II

Format: CD
Artist: Kristoffer Gildenlow
Release Date: April 16, 2016