Kyros "Vox Humana" (Double Vinyl)


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Kyros – Vox Humana (Double Vinyl)
This is a Plane Groovy Release

Kyros (AKA Synaesthesia 2012-2015) are getting the Plane Groovy treatment on their acclaimed 2016 release, “Vox Humana”, with double 180g vinyl LPs, lined inner sleeves and lyric insert. This release is limited to just 300 copies.

Considered one of the rising stars of the Post Prog scene. Kyros offers an inventive sound that draws on influences ranging from Depeche Mode and Kate Bush through to modern Post Prog, and alternative rock music, e.g. Muse and Porcupine Tree.

“Vox Humana” features a full live brass section with parts arranged by Raymond Hearne, drummer from Prog Metal band, Haken, and mastered by Jens Bogren (Haken, DragonForce and Opeth) in Sweden.

“Closest to Haken than anything else I can think of, Kyros constantly teeter on that verge between rock and metal. These days I'd say that line is more blurred than ever in the context of prog, but I doubt many will notice how casually this band struts across styles. There's a ton of professionalism here and I'm consistently wowed by the level of presentation.” ~ Conor Fynes, Prog Archives


Side One:

  1. Vox Humana
  2. Technology Killed The Kids II
  3. Cloudburst
  4. Persistence Of Vision

Side Two:

  1. The Lamb, The Badger & The Bee
  2. New Paradigm

Side Three:

  1. Mind Electric
  2. Speak To Me
  3. Persistence Of Perfection
  4. Monster
  5. Hounds

Side Four:

  1. The Darkness Grove
  2. Boiling Point
  3. Ego
  4. Dilate


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Kyros
Release Date: 2016
Cat. No.: PLG070