Laughing Stock "The Island" LP

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Laughing Stock - The Island (LP)
This is an Apollon Records release.

The first album from Norwegian melodic prog rockers Laughing Stock, The Island - re-released on Apollon Records. The Island is a concept album about the challenges you may experience in everyday life, being an adult in a world going more and more off its hinges.

Side A:

  1. The Island
  2. That Face
  3. Descension
  4. Vultures, Bats And Reptiles

Side B:

  1. The Party’s Over
  2. Canyon Crawlers
  3. Fallen Star
  4. Who We Are
  5. 30 Years
  6. Return To Darkness (Bonus Track)
  7. Nothing More (Bonus Track)

Format: LP
Artist: Laughing Stock
Release Date: July 14, 2020
Cat. No.: ARP032LP