League of Lights "Dreamers Don't Come Down" Vinyl

League of Lights

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League of Lights - Dreamers Don't Come Down (Vinyl)
This is a Plane Groovy Release

This vinyl edition of League of Lights’ fourth release, Dreamers Don't Come Down, gets the Plane Groovy treatment on 180g vinyl.

On this album, the British duo gives the listener11 new songs written and recorded during lockdown - about the past, the present and the future, about the pressures of modern life and keeping  your dreams alive in dark times. 

Released in 2021, the running time for both sides of the album is an apt 20:21.


Side One:

  1. Modern Living
  2. Twenty Twenty One
  3. Ghosts
  4. I Still Remember
  5. Persephone
  6. Dreamers

Side Two:

  1. With You
  2. Lines in the Sand
  3. The Collector
  4. North of the Sun
  5. Echoes of a Dream


Format: Vinyl
Artist: League of Lights
Release Date: 2021
Cat. No.: PLG095