League of Lights "In The In Between" CD

League of Lights

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League of Lights - In The In Between (CD)

League of Lights are back with their sophomore release, another album showing off the duo’s talent for great melodies and songwriting.

“The Whole album is just one incredible hit of excellent songwriting and serious musical talent that continuous to deliver track after track” – Progradar

“A sublime meeting of divergent worlds” – Fireworks Magazine

“20/20” – The Rocktologist

“This is one of the albums of 2019, and an absolutely wonderful piece of musical art” – Spirit.Rocks

“Deftly mixing synth, pop, edm, rock and progressive elements to create an enjoyable and intriguing listen from start to finish” – Get Ready To Rock


  • Farrah West – Vocals
  • Richard West – All instruments and Programming


  1. Shockwave
  2. Due Dilligence
  3. On A Night Like This
  4. In The In Between
  5. Butterfly
  6. Spectrometer
  7. Fox
  8. Scarlet Thread
  9. Down Down
  10. Strong Enough
  11. Hammer
  12. King And Queens
  13. Roll And List
  14. Promises And Dreams

      Format: CD
      Artist: League of Lights
      Release Date: 2019