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Lobate Scarp

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Lobate Scarp – You Have It All (CD)

The long awaited follow up to 2012’s debut, You Have It All is the second full length album from Lobate Scarp. Just like their debut, nothing has been spared in trying to show these songs at their very best and it shows. Produced by Steven Leavitt and co-produced by Rich Mouser, who also mixed and mastered the album, this is a must-listen for anyone who likes grand melodic, symphonic prog. If you are a fan of Spock’s Beard, you are going to love this!

“There are many secret weapons present in the mix, in addition to the obvious songwriting and musicianship, such as generous use of violin, viola, French horn, chorus vocals and string arrangements. On top of everything else, Rich Mouser and Steven Leavitt heap on whatever guitars, keys and random instruments they sense would take the pieces further, and it works. A spiritual thread runs throughout many of the lyrics, making this an uplifting and affirming listen even while offering food for thought.

You Have It All is a joyful, accomplished release which displays a great deal of attention and love in its development. Fans of engaging modern prog rock are urged to pick up a copy. Unfortunately, it may fly under the radar of many, so do your part to spread the word and be sure that “All of You Have It.’” – Scott Medina, Sonic Perspectives


  1. Conduit
  2. Nothing Wrong
  3. In The Night I
  4. Life-Line
  5. You Have It All
  6. In The Night II
  7. Beautiful Light
  8. Our Test Tube Universe
  9. Flowing Through The Change

Format: CD
Artist: Lobate Scarp
Release Date: May 6, 2022