Lovebugs "OverLoved" Pink LP

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Lovebugs - OverLoved (LP)
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Lovebugs is a band against all odds. The girls have been together for 20 years and, even though life has thrown obstacles in their way, they still make catchy music. It’s been ages since the last record. The band has defied line-up changes, family additions, apple farms, illness and being abroad. They themselves are impressed to be relevant again with a new record.

The music on OverLoved has been created over a long period of time. Lovebugs has been in the studio for several periods and two of them have now been made available. Both recordings were largely made at Havnelageret Studio. The oldest parts of the disc were recorded by Per-Vidar Staff, and the newest songs were immortalized by Daniel Birkeland.

Master-master Iver Sandoy (Enslaved, Wardruna) has made all the songs fit together and created a soundscape that suits the whole decade.

Check them out here:


  1. Circus
  2. Kick
  3. Bossanova
  4. Warrior
  5. Troubled
  6. If I Go South
  7. Devil
  8. Queen
  9. OverLoved
  10. Reckless
  11. Leaving
  12. Warrior (original master)

Format: Pink Vinyl
Artist: Lovebugs
Release Date: April 12, 2024
Cat. No.: AP154LP