Lucifer Was "En Fix Ferdig Mann" CD (NEW RELEASE)

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Lucifer Was - En Fix Ferdig Mann (CD)
This is an Apollon Records release.

This early 70s Norwegian band played together for years without ever releasing an album; that is, until label Record Heaven heard about them in the late 90s and convinced them to re-record songs they had played live at the time. We can now enjoy a collection of highly energetic, raw and aggressive 70s power rock recorded with pristine modern technology. The bands material is reminiscent of Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, early Scorpions and Jethro Tull, albeit a very manic Tull as the flutes battle it out savagely with pounding guitars.

En Fix Ferdig Mann, their 8th album, is the very first sung in their native Norwegian language. And just as their fellow rockers from Norway, Arabs In Aspic, did with their 2017 album Syndenes Magi (also on Apollon), they pull out a very impressive and unique album whilst singing in Norwegian. Arguably their masterpiece.


  1. Fra Fyrste Dag
  2. Ein Fix Ferdig Mann
  3. Krig I Opne Landskap
  4. Ei Gate
  5. Nar Natta Kjem Og Tek Meg
  6. Eg Vil Ha Det Eg Vil Ha
  7. Snomann I Sol
  8. Aftenbon Til Doden
  9. Kunsten A Gjore Ingenting

Format: CD
Artist: Lucifer Was
Release Date: March 15, 2024
Cat. No.: ARP075CD