Luz De Riada "Rizoma" CD (NEW RELEASE)

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Luz De Riada - Rizoma (CD)
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After a hiatus since their last studio album in 2016, Luz de Riada is back with an exciting lineup and an upcoming album, Rizoma. The album title carries a dual meaning: in biology, it refers to “a form of root that can generate wholly, even from a small piece,” as explained by bass guitarist Luis Nasser. In the realms of psychology and philosophy, it refers to “the structure of ideas in the form of a network (neural or the internet) that can reconnect in multiple ways rather than a top to bottom hierarchy,” Nasser adds.

Rizoma is an auditory expedition that promises to captivate listeners with its complex soundscapes, infused with the vibrant cultural essence of Mexico and the expansive influences of progressive rock. Fusing jazz, world music, and folk, the album crafts a listening experience that is innovative and deeply imbued with musical tradition.

Describing Rizoma, bassist Luis Nasser remarks “This album is a cinematographic sound adventure, inviting the audience to explore previously unimagined emotional terrains, evoking powerful imagery and narratives with music that is intensely visual”


  • Ramses Luna – Saxophone, Synth, Vocals
  • Luis Nasser – Bass
  • Sergio Aldama – Drums, Electric Percussion
  • Edgar Arrellin – Sound Design


  • Tim McCasky – Acoustic & Electic Guitar
  • Pat Mastelotto – Drums
  • Mattias Olsson – Drums, Percussion

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  1. Aurumboros
  2. Entropia
  3. Raices
  4. Atipica
  5. Matanza De Chivos
  6. Todos Por La Banqueta – No Apartheid
  7. La Bestia
  8. La Danza Del Tiacololero
  9. Nunoa
  10. 1915

Format: CD
Artist: Luz De Riada
Release Date: 2024