Major Parkinson "Twilight Cinema" CD

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Major Parkinson - Twilight Cinema (CD)
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The third album from Major Parkinson shows a band that has matured significantly. The work has been named Twilight Cinema and is mixed by legendary Yngve Saethre in Duper Studio. The whole thing is a dark, uncompromising, and ambitious journey through a dense forest of melodies, closely accompanied by a black river of doom poetry. Twilight Cinema is a darker version of Major Parkinson than the one we know from previous releases, without having gone beyond the band's character. The classic Parkinson-like melodies have now found their place in a far tighter directed and more electronic sound. Artwork is by Martin Kvamme.


  1. Skeleton Sangria
  2. Impermanence
  3. Black River
  4. The Wheelbarrow
  5. A Cabin In The Sky
  6. Heart Machine
  7. Beaks Of Benevola
  8. Twilight Cinema

Format: CD
Artist: Major Parkinson
Release Date: January 24, 2014
Cat. No.: APR027CD