Matterhorn "Outside" CD

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Matterhorn - Outside (CD)
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Matterhorn from Trondheim, Norway, is the brainchild of songwriter and vocalist Tommy Sebastian Halseth (ex-Griffin, ex-Atrox, ex-Manes), who, in 2013, started to assemble various musical ideas which gradually turned into the project Matterhorn.

Thematically, the album’s title Outside deals with the ones left out, both mentally and by being alienated from society - with the backdrop of the chaotic and superficial modern world.

Musically, the album ranges over a variety of inspirations and moods, highlighting a strong melodic focus.


  1. Outside
  2. Aura Noire
  3. Bruit Blanc
  4. Aorta
  5. Last Page
  6. Oceana
  7. Silhouette
  8. Doden Og Meg

Format: CD
Artist: Matterhorn
Release Date: November 6, 2020
Cat. No.: APR025CD