Metrik System "Expectations" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Metrik System – Expectations (CD)

The duo Metrik System consists of German composer/drummer/producer Maurice F. Fuchs and composer/guitarist Oktay Sertkaya. Metrik System is a progressive, experimental fusion project from Bremen, Germany, and combines different styles such as fusion, jazz, rock, pop funk, and electronica, all of which reflects the musical paths of both musicians.

The recording was made with the participation of various guest musicians, such as the well-known Dutch fusion guitarist Richard Hallebeek, German Jazz guitarist Julian Fischer, New York Jazz pianist Walter Fischbacher, plus many other guests on bass and keyboards. Bruford roots, odd-time signatures, Holdsworth-style guitars, and modern industrial/electro sounds are brilliantly woven together here. It is a masterpiece that is bound to capture the attention of virtuoso jazz fusion guitar lovers.


  1. No Change, No Growth
  2. Tyo
  3. Perception Ain’t Reality
  4. Sue Ellen
  5. Etd 15:08
  6. Curious Profession
  7. Black Sky
  8. Casual Persistence
  9. Last Call

    Format: CD
    Artist: Metrik System
    Release Date: July 2023