Moon Safari "Blomljud" 2CD

Moon Safari

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Moon Safari – Blomljud (2CD)

The double cd sophomore effort from Moon Safari released in 2008.

A fan favorite and definitely the band’s most ambitious album with over 100 minutes of highly textured classic prog with an abundance of moogs, mellotrons and over-the-top vocal arrangements.

Remastered by Jonas Reingold



  1. Constant Bloom
  2. Methuselah’s Children
  3. In The Countryside
  4. Moonwalk
  5. Bluebells
  6. The Ghost Of Flowers Past


  1. Yasgur’s Farm
  2. Lady Of The Woodlands
  3. A Tale Of Three And Tree
  4. Other Half Of The Sky
  5. To Sail Beyond The Sunset


Format: 2CD
Artist: Moon Safari
Release Date: 2008