Moonpedro and The Sinking Ship "Housekeeping" LP (NEW RELEASE)

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Moonpedro And The Sinking Ship 2LP)
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Housekeeping is the new solo album from multi-instrumentalist, poet, novelist and translator Pedro Carmona-Alvarez, who releases his music under the name Moonpedro and The Sinking Ship. Since 2007, he has released five records, Ed Wood (2007), Homegrown (2013), Let’s Pig (2018), The Beatles Revisited (2018) and KIN (2023).

The album title refers to the fact that Pedro Carmona-Alvarez has written and recorded ridiculously many songs that are scattered across his computer – unfinished, half-finished, and almost finished. After turning 50 in 2022, he decided to start letting go of things, releasing them, making them exist in the world and not just inside his own head. “I’ve always been productive, loving to work a lot and make a lot of stuff. Not so good at finishing things though. But now is the time”, he says.


Side 1:

  • 1.      The Life of Ernesto Salinas
  • 2.      Quirky
  • 3.      Dark Days
  • 4.      Birthday #3

Side 2:

  • 5.      The Knowing Wink
  • 6.      After Frances Left
  • 7.      The House of Spirits
  • 8.      Girl Reading

Format: Vinyl
Artist: Moonpedro and The Sinking Ship
Release Date: June 6, 2024
Cat. No.: AP198LP