Nine Stones Close "One Eye of the Sunrise" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Nine Stones Close – One Eye on the Sunrise (CD)
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The somewhat belated 10th anniversary edition of Nine Stones Close finally sees the light. After delays due to the Covid restrictions and personal developments, One Eye on the Sunrise finally has received the same treatment as its predecessor. 

One Eye on the Sunrise has been remixed and remastered by Paul van Zeeland. The artwork has been revised by Antonio Seijas. The booklet now includes all lyrics.

Check it out:


  1. 1.      Faceless Angel
  2. 2.      A Secret
  3. 3.      Janus
  4. 4.      … and dream of sleep
  5. 5.      One Eye On The Sunrise
  6. 6.      Eos
  7. 7.      The Weight
  8. 8.      The Distance
  9. 9.      Frozen Moment
  10. 10.  Sunset
  11. 11.  Fallen Angel (Bonus Track)

Format: CD
Artist: Nine Stones Close
Release Date: November 30, 2023