OVRFWRD "Occupations of Uninhabited Space" Blu-Ray


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Ovrfwrd – Occupations of Uninhabited Space (Blu-Ray)

This Blu-Ray is a live in studio video release that was recorded at Pachyderm Studio, Cannon Falls, MN 8/5/17-8/6/17. It contains songs from the first two albums, as well as 3 previously unreleased songs that would later appear on the third studio album, Blurring the Lines …(a democracy manifest).


Mark Ilaug – Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Kyle Lund – Bass
Richard Davenport – Drums & Percussion
Chris Malmgren – Piano, Hammond B3, Keyboards



  1. Mother Tongue
  2. Raviji
  3. Brother Jack McDuff
  4. Forbidden Valley Opiate
  5. Utopia Planitia
  6. Can We Keep the Elephant
  7. Genghis Khan
  8. Stones of Temperance


Format: Blu-Ray
Artist: Ovrfwrd
Release Date: April 5, 2019