OVRFWRD "Starstuff" Vinyl


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Ovrfwrd – Starstuff – 180g Black Vinyl (Black Vinyl)

If you haven’t heard this band before, now is the time to get onboard and you will soon regret that you hadn’t done so sooner. This live release was recorded at The Hideaway Studio July 15-19, 2020, in their hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Starstuff has a focus and energy that is soothing, dreamy, fiery, and mysterious. From the direct power of the opener, Firelight, to the ethereal space of the title track, these songs take the listener on a colorful and comforting journey through time and space.


Mark Ilaug – Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Kyle Lund – Bass
Richard Davenport – Drums & Percussion
Chris Malmgren – Piano, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Moog, Mellotron and Keyboards


  1. Firelight
  2. Let It Burn (King George)
  3. Starstuff
  4. Look Up
  5. Daybreak
  6. Zathras
  7. From Parts Unknown


Format: 180g Black Vinyl
Artist: Ovrfwrd
Release Date: October 2, 2020