Perfect Storm "No Air" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Perfect Storm - No Air (CD)
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Perfect Storm is an extremely dynamic and adventurous Dutch rock band founded in Groningen but influenced from all directions of the wind. The band prefers melody to musical show-off powerhouse but does not shy away from a compelling instrumental passage or an impressive solo. Rock acts such as Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson and jazz-cats like Pat Metheny are among the soundtrack of their life. So too do film composers such as Hans Zimmer and electro-acts in the line of Aphex Twin leave their mark on the music of Perfect Storm.

Have a look and listen here:


  1. 1.      Strength
  2. 2.      The Search
  3. 3.      Sun For Life
  4. 4.      Hope
  5. 5.      No Air
  6. 6.      Mind’s Eye
  7. 7.      How It Ends

Format: CD
Artist: Perfect Storm
Release Date: March 19, 2021