Pierre Moerlen's Gong "Full Circle Live 1988" CD


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Pierre Moerlen’s Gong – Full Circle Live 1988 (CD)

When Gong eventually split apart in the mid 1970’s due to the departures of Daevid Allen and Steve Hillage, Pierre Moerlen continued the band and led it for many years. This is a great live recording from a show in Bremen, Germany in 1988 shows the band at their best. This recording is a hidden gem and an indispensable album.


  1. Second Wind
  2. Deep End
  3. Exotic
  4. Leave It Open
  5. Drum Alone
  6. Soli
  7. Breakthrough
  8. Xstasea


Format: CD
Artist: Pierre Moerlen’s Gong
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Cat. No.: HST138CD